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Beginners Bootcamp

This years bootcamp has now finished, but if you're still interested, get in touch with us!

What to know about the bootcamp

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Every year the Newcastle Ravens host a bootcamp to get new recruits up to speed on the game and the rules.

We’ve had to hold it a little bit later than usual this year (thanks Covid!) but we’re really excited to hold our first session on September 23rd. The sessions will be a mix of fitness drills and it will be a good opportunity to meet fellow fledgling Ravens and the coaching team.

You don’t need to have any specific rugby experience to take part – many of us hadn’t ever played rugby in our lives before joining!

In terms of equipment, you don’t need gum guards as it's always non-contact during bootcamp but if you’d prefer to wear one then please feel free.

Alternatively as it's not our usual summer weather for bootcamp – and it is Newcastle – rugby or football boots are preferred.

Our Coaching Team

  • Chris Bury
  • Chris Bury

  • Head Coach

  • Bas
  • Bas Olthof-Bakker

  • Coach

  • Joe
  • Joe Dickinson

  • Coach

  • Chris Oliver
  • Chris Oliver

  • Coach

Last years Bootcamp

It's Free!

That's right, Bootcamp is completely free and you won’t need to pay any subs until you decide whether or not you’d like to join.

There is no pressure to sign up after but we would love to have you as a member.

While we have come quite far in the Return to Rugby Roadmap your safety is still our primary concern.

We will be making sure that we adhere to social distancing guidelines and have plenty of sanitiser on hand (get it?!)

If you are more comfortable wearing a mask and gloves then feel free.


If you want to come along, you can either email hello@newcastleravens.co.uk or sign up on the Facebook event page so we know you expect you!